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Monday, April 14, 2014

Change is Good

Change is good.  Sudden change has a momentum to it.  A roller coaster can be a thrill or terrifying.  I have been sweating in my palms while I wait for to get on this ride.  Yes, I am terrified of the ride.  But the feeling after riding the ride is a feeling of adrenaline and victory.  When I am on the ride,  my mind realizes that there is no turning back.  After the first dive as my heart races, I become the ride and began to enjoy the unexpected jolts and turns.

Today was like unto waiting in line for that terrifying ride.  I had been sleeping mentally ever since I was laid of on April 4, a little over a week ago.  I am unemployed and my next move is unknown to me.  But today was my first day awake to the possibilities of life.  I had no ideas, but I had the knowing that my life was always getting better.  Yes change is good for me.

I work up today of to a slow start, but still off on walking.  This was not the time to sprint just walk and think.  I had a list of things to do.  I completed all 7:  I washed, mailed my Godson his birthday gift, paid my rent, successful set up form applications, completed my resume my friend Z's website and posted a blog post.

I rewarded myself with going to a networking event at Toshi's Living Room and Penthouse.  I even did a few 'How To New York City' interviews.  Change is very good and today I was able to see that life was making a turn for the best.  It was a very good day.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Eve of Christmas - Reflection

As a practicing Minimalist, I have shed so much over this year.  I am very happy with the clarity that this year has brought to me.  I had a rocky beginning with falling in love with a guy I had dreamed about coming into the new year and all.   Turned out he was self destructive and was nice enough to leave me out of it by dumping me.  He said and I quote, I am a bad guy,  you are a good girl.  I am warning you stay clear.  I can only resist you for a little while and then I will indulge myself"  Interpretation, "I am bad, but I like sleeping with you.  I am warning you once.  After that sleep with me at your own risk."

On the contrary, I am quite pleased at how those stones were valuable to me as stepping stones.  I got stronger as a woman, understood, my value more and reveled in the fact that so did he.  My spiritual gifts became much stronger after that kind of pain.  It was like I had been peeled down to my raw fruit.

I shed old beliefs, the ones I grew up with, yet pondered. Now spiritually free, I let go of titles only needed to explain myself to people who will never know my journey because their journey is different from mine.

It was nice to gain clarity in my writing and the confidence that I gained over this year as a writer has so enriched my life that still I find it hard to find the words to describe the satisfaction I feel.

I was able to move to a new and better place, still with room mates, but better; and with little effort on my part.  Finally a place of peace and ease, where I can write, paint and create. 

This year was a great year;  my year of shedding old things and becoming powerfully clear.  On the eve of Christmas I am grateful for the ease and flow.  I will carry this ease and flow over into 2014.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Discoving Unexpected Assistance in My Ease & Flow

I love that simply breathing to the rhythm of the words ease and flow, relax me instantly. I like the contrast that comes to make me focus myself into ease and flow. I enjoy game that is my life. I enjoy that I am always learning how to win at ever-increasing levels.

I like the surprise of unsuspecting people working for my greatest good and assisting the ease and flow of my day.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Ease n' Flow of Happiness

I love the it feels when I realize that feeling good is a easy as thinking of something good. I love working inside ease and flow. I like that each time I practice ease and flow I become better at it. I notice that the more I feel good, the more I feel good. I see that the more I feel good, people around me feel good. Every now and then someone test the ease and flow of my happiness. But I love knowing that I can choose happiness every time and that test don't matter. I love knowing that the only thing that matters is how I respond.

I love making people feel good, because it make me feel great. I love that it doesn't matter if people around me choose to feel anything less than happiness. I love that I own my joy. I love that my joy come easily and frequently.

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